Dynasty Football Sell High Targets


Selling dynasty players at the height of their value is hard. It feels like you shouldn’t be doing it, but when that player is at their peak, that is actually precisely when you should be trading them. Of course, if you are a top-tier team and you would rather just hold on to some of these high-valued players, that makes perfect sense. However, I truly believe that all four of these players are going to see a steady decline in value over the next year to two years.

So, remember that sell high targets does not equate to giving the players away. It means that if you can get market value for them, then you are getting the better value in the trade due to inflation. There are tons of different scenarios and reasons to keep some of these guys. However, if you are in a rebuild and have any one of these assets, you should be looking to move them as soon as possible. These trades will only help you in the long run if you are not competing this year.

Alvin Kamara

If you take anything away from this article, please let it be selling high on Alvin Kamara. Ever since the end of last season, I have been banging the drum for this action. While Kamara will still be good with Winston and Hill, he will not be the same top-5 elite player that he was with Brees. On top of this, the offense as a whole is taking a massive step back. The team simply will not be the same without Drew Brees.

Another large worry for me is the fact that the defense is not going to be good. In one sense, this is great for Kamara’s pass work, but with Winston and Hill, a lot more of those targets are going to be going down the field and not for screens. I do not think that he gets anywhere close to his 2020 totals in 2021.

Again, he will still be good, probably an RB1, but his value will not be the same. Not to mention that running backs, especially shifty and speedy ones like Kamara, age very poorly. He is going into the season at 26 years of age and has a max of three more good seasons left in him.

In one of my dynasty leagues, Kamara was traded for David Montgomery, 3 first-round picks, and a couple of second-round rookie picks. That is the kind of value I want out of a guy at his peak.

Corey Davis

Corey Davis is the same player that he has always been. That player is an average outside wide receiver. While I may be one of the biggest fans in the fantasy community of Zach Wilson’s, I do believe that Corey Davis’ value is too high at the moment. His value will tank when the Jets either draft another wide receiver or during the season when fantasy players realize that he is at best going to be the #3 option on the offense behind Denzel Mims and the rookie RB that the team drafts. More likely, I think that Davis ends up behind both Mims and Crowder when it comes to targets.

If you can finesse an early 2nd round rookie pick, or maybe even a late 1st with a sweetener on your end, then you should do it. This rookie class has a ton of talent that I would take in a heartbeat over what you know you have with Corey Davis.

Travis Kelce

It is rather obvious to me that Travis Kelce’s value will never be higher. While he is a great asset right now, he is being massively overvalued due to the poor tight end landscape in the NFL. You can get an absolute monster trade package for him, one that will drastically improve your team in the long run. The only people who should hold on or trade for Kelce are players with absolutely stacked rosters that really are just that elite TE away from winning the whole thing. Otherwise, get a good package for him and get yourself some amazing young studs to fill out the rest of your roster.

Again, it is not that Kelce is not good, but his value has far surpassed what he brings to your team. He is an aging asset that is being bought at a premium due to his positional designation. These next few rookie classes are supposed to have some great TEs that you’ll hopefully be able to pick up as a replacement.

Chase Edmonds

It might be a little late to sell high on Edmonds since James Conner was brought in. However, if you can get anything of substance for Edmonds, I would. He was not good enough to be the guy before Drake, hence why Kenyan Drake was brought in. He was not good enough to be the guy after Drake, hence why Conner was brought in. On top of the fact that Edmonds is simply not that great, you have the fact that Kliff Kingsbury is inept at running the football.

The Arizona Cardinals are a terrible version of the Ravens for running backs. Limited touches due to the number of rushes the QB has, but the team isn’t good at running. So, those limited touches for Edmonds are worthless. He is never going to be a good dynasty asset, so if you can let go of him for a second-round rookie pick, I would take that in a heartbeat. I would much rather have a lotto ticket on one of the top-24 rookies in this draft, who has talent and is drafted to be a good player, than deal with the mediocrity of Chase Edmonds.