The dynasty stopwatch is a weekly look at the biggest movers and shakers in the dynasty landscape. There's a lot that goes into dynasty value and covering every little bit helps. With this piece, the main goal is to identify which players have shown signs of solid play are are potentially values to be pursuing in trades.

Dak Prescott QB Dallas Cowboys

While this year has certainly been the start of a fairly tale career for Dak Prescott, it's certainly worth noting that he struggled mightily in the Cowboys most recent win. With Dez Bryant back in the fold, and Tony Romo watching from the sideline getting more and more ready to play, it clearly had an effect on Prescott. He was stumbling around and missing open receivers for most of the game. He threw a BAD red-zone interception, something we aren't accustomed to seeing from him and quite frankly, looked uncomfortable. This could be because of the Eagles defense, or it could be something bigger, it's important to keep tabs on it.

Jordan Howard RB Chicago Bears

Nobody has done what Jordan Howard did to the Vikings defense in quite a while. He crushed them in every way, shape and form. Howard was a dominant running back between the tackles on Monday night, and got the attention of many. He was playing well in injury-substitution mode for Jeremy Langford, but needed a crowning performance to seal the deal. Howard is going to be the Bears starting running back going forward, and his dynasty value still might not reflect that. Howard should see a feature role to end the year, so he'd double dipping as a young asset that can help you win a championship this year.

Melvin Gordon RB San Diego Chargers

There's a few things that are clear a this stage in Melvin Gordon's career. Philip Rivers likes him. He's the feature back for the San Diego Chargers. He's going to get 350 carries this year. He already has 10 touchdowns. He's the third ranked fantasy running back. And yet, all that's out there is critique and shouting about how he's still averaging below four yards per carry. Gordon was a first round pick last year after a prolific college career, and has all the requisite skills and athleticism to succeed at the NFL level. As the weeks go on, Gordon is beginning to break more long runs, and is seemingly getting more comfortable. While the touchdown pace is unsustainable, he should continue to thrive in goal-line situations when given the opportunity. He's a top five dynasty running back, and nobody can tell me otherwise.

Mohamed Sanu WR Atlanta Falcons

Mohamed Sanu was the game-breaker on the final drive of the Falcons vs. Packers game, and finally looked comfortable in his new role in the offense. With Julio Jones banged up and essentially playing a decoy role after the first quarter, Matt Ryan was forced to look in other directions, and that direction was Sanu. Not only did he catch the game-winning grab, but Sanu made himself known to the team and the NFL that he's here to stay as a secondary option and has the ability to make some noise.

J.J. Nelson WR Arizona Cardinals

I had doubts about J.J. Nelson heading into the season. Not from a 'can he play a role' perpsective, but much more about how his body could possibly hold up at his 160 pound weight. With a few injuries to his teammates, We're about to find out what Nelson is really made of. He had a huge game this past weekend, snagging two touchdown passes, and garnering over ten targets for the first time in his career. Nelson isn't likely to unseat John Brown as the top deep threat, but if he can work himself in front of Michael Floyd (which he seemingly has), there could be more long-term value here than we initially thought.