The dynasty stopwatch is a weekly look at the biggest movers and shakers in the dynasty landscape. There's a lot that goes into dynasty value and covering every little bit helps. With this piece, the main goal is to identify which players have shown signs of solid play are are potentially values to be pursuing in trades.

Dak Prescott RB

Another win and Dak Prescott is appearing more and more like the Cowboys starting quarterback of the future. While Prescott isn't going to be a fantasy maven in his rookie year, and likely his first few, neither was Russell Wilson. While it's lofty to compare him to such a great quarterback, they do fit the same archetype in terms of fantasy scoring. While Dak isn't as fast, he does provide a much bigger frame, that could potentially be used near the goal-line. Prescott is a strong asset in 2-QB or super-flex dynasty formats, don't sell or move him for anything less than starter value.

Ezekiel Elliott RB Dallas Cowboys

While it took a few weeks to get rolling, Ezekiel Elliott is in line for a huge rookie season, and should continue all season long. He's finally able to see the holes and use his extremely athletic body to make things work. The Dallas offensive line is a well oiled machine, even without some of it's main pieces, and should only get better as the season goes along. Zeke is well on his way to being the RB1 overall in dynasty.

Golden Tate WR Detroit Lions

Bad week after bad week, it's time to start worrying a bit about Golden Tate. While it's not likely his career is over, at least for this season, his fantasy numbers could be limited. While he's been playing and getting a lot of snaps, he's not fully healthy, and that's very clear by the results thrown out there so far. Tate's game should translate into his later career very well, in the way that Anquan Boldin did, but based on what we have so far, it's tough to trust Tate going forward, and he's certainly a sinking dynasty asset.

Odell Beckham Jr. WR New York Giants

I'm just puttinh him in here to say, don't be worried, everything is fine, and we're moving forward with him as the top overall player in dynasty formats. The end. End of story. case closed.

Hunter Henry TE San Diego Chargers

Hunter Henry has put together multiple solid performances, and should be considered a top five to seven dynasty tight end going forward. With Antonio Gates fairly clearly in his last season, Henry is the type of player that has the potential to grow into a very prominent role in the offense. He was almost a first round pick, and injuries have accelerated his timeline into getting a ton of snaps early on in his career. He's playing tremendous, in both the passing and blocking game, and should be in for similar results in the coming weeks.