The dynasty stopwatch is a weekly look at the biggest movers and shakers in the dynasty landscape. There's a lot that goes into dynasty value and covering every little bit helps. With this piece, the main goal is to identify which players have shown signs of solid play are are potentially values to be pursuing in trades.

Jameis Winston QB Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Winston played tremendous in his first game of the season, throwing four touchdowns and showing great rapport with his young weapons like Mike Evans and Charles Sims. With his team, situation and division taken into account, there's certainly reason to be optimistic about Winston's real and fantasy career. While he's certainly not coming at a discount at this stage, I'd be willing to pay a premium, especially in super-flex formats. He should be in your top five dynasty quarterback conversation, if he wasn't already.

Tevin Coleman RB Atlanta Falcons

While Devonta Freeman stole the show from Coleman in week one of 2015, the shoe appears to be on the other foot in 2016. Coleman played well in week one, going for 95 receiving yards and over 100 total yards on the day. Freeman was less exciting and overall, it appears he's hurt. Freeman has also missed practice this week, furthering the idea that Coleman has a really solid shot at getting important touches from here on out. There should still be a window here to buy if you're looking to do so, especially if you're a Freeman owner. He had an ADP of around the tenth or eleventh round during the summer, so even if they are looking for a bit more on top, this would be the last time you can get him before the reasonable buy window is closed

Ameer Abdullah RB Detroit Lions

In the same vein as Coleman, Abdullah looked great in Week One, and while he's in a less than perfect situation for feature touches, it appears the Detroit offense will have plenty to go around. While it was just the Colts, Abdullah looked explosive and was given touches all over the field in both the rushing and receiving game. Abdullah was a bit more expensive than Coleman this offseason, so he might cost a bit more, but based on what we've seen, he might be a guy you try to get in combination with another player in a deal.

Will Fuller WR Houston Texans

Well, not sure how many expected this in Week One. Fuller was tremendous in his secondary role off of DeAndre Hopkins, and should be for the near and distant future. Fuller will certainly frustrate every once and a while with drops, but overall, his deep threat ability and speed is something to get excited about. Fuller is a first round pick who has a prolific college profile. In terms of pure touchdowns and receiving yards, he was at the top of the list, and he did things very efficiently.

Josh Doctson WR Washington Redskins

This is a bit of a remix compared to the rest of the group. Doctson has yet to play meaningful snaps, and has been injured for most of the offseason and preseason. Doctson is another first round pick from the most recent draft. The Redskins are certainly in a position where they could use another explosive weapon. Pierre Garcon is certainly a viable NFL wide receiver, but he's not really adding this much at this stage in his career. Docston should continue to be able to chip away at Garcon's snaps more and more as long as he can stay healthy. There's no debating Doctson's athleticism and college profile, so it's all a matter of time before he gets an opportunity.