Top 8 Rookies’ Best Landing Sports for Fantasy


Today we are going over the best possible realistic landing spot for each of the top 8 rookies who are not QBs. When it comes to QBs, nothing is too interesting. We know that Trevor Lawrence is going to the Jaguars, and Zach Wilson is going to the Jets. While write-ups on Fields, Lance, and Jones could be intriguing, the best case for each is going to Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers at #3.

For the rest of these top players, let us pick the best possible spot that they could go to.

Ja’Marr Chase

Cincinnati Bengals

Ja’Marr Chase being reunited with Joe Burrow is absolutely the best-case scenario for his fantasy value. Out of the possible teams that could take Chase, Joe Burrow is by far the best arm, and the Bengals are in the best spot for Chase, fantasy-wise. The Dolphins and Lions are two other projected landing spots, but Burrow is a better QB than Tua and Goff. On top of that, the Bengals defense is not very good, which means that the team will be airing it out a ton.

I know many are worried that Burrow will die behind the offensive line if the team does not draft Sewell. However, there are going to be tons of great options in the second round, and Riley Reiff is a solid LT that the team brought in, in free agency. I think as long as a good offensive lineman comes in, in the second, Burrow will be fine to air it out to Chase.

Najee Harris

Miami Dolphins

Najee Harris is my favorite running back in this class, and he could probably do well with just about any of his realistic spots. However, the Miami Dolphins would be perfect for Harris. This is a strong defensive team that would love to control the clock. Harris has a lot of Derrick Henry in him. However, what he lacks in running ability compared to Henry, he makes up for in route running. Harris is simply the perfect all-around back for Miami’s needs. In this situation, Harris should be getting 20+ touches a game.

Travis Etienne

New York Jets

The New York Jets are bringing over the offensive scheme run by Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers. With that in mind, I am confident that Offensive Coordinator Mike LaFleur will be able to scheme his RBs open. The one thing that you see work with the 49ers running backs is speed. The backs do not need to be incredibly shifty or patient; they simply need speed. If this philosophy carries over to the Jets, then Etienne is landing in the perfect spot. Tons of opportunities and a great scheme for him to succeed in.

Javonte Williams

Pittsburgh Steelers
I believe that Javonte Williams is the best actual rusher in this class. The way that he shifts his body to avoid tacklers while still not being afraid of contact is something extraordinarily rare. There is a reason PFF graded him out as the best runner last season in college football. With how high-powered the Steelers’ offense is in the air, Williams will be able to balance the team out a bit while also being a threat himself in the receiving game. Williams also is not afraid to get dirty and block, which will lead to more snaps for the young running back.

DeVonta Smith

Los Angeles Chargers

While not the most realistic spot for Smith, I do believe that if he fell to the Chargers, the team would at least be thinking about grabbing him. DeVonta Smith with Justin Herbert simply sounds like heaven to my ears. I am a big believer that Smith is the best wide receiver in this class and I think that he could match Justin Jefferson’s rookie season due to his amazing release and separation. If he were to team up with Herbert and Keenan Allen, he would be in a very similar spot that Jefferson was in, with Thielen and Cousins. Maybe even a slight upgrade due to Herbert’s talents. Smith on the Chargers would become my number one rookie pick with only Chase and the Bengals combination being possibly above him.

Jaylen Waddle

Arizona Cardinals

If Jaylen Waddle slips a bit in the draft due to his injury in 2020, the Cardinals should 100% take them. Although it seems like the Cardinals have gone and got a receiver every draft and every offseason, the team still only has one good wide receiver in DeAndre Hopkins. AJ Green, Andy Isabella, Christian Kirk, KeeSean Johnson, and others are not really that special. Jaylen Waddle is special. He would instantly become the #2 option for Kyler and be perfect for the Air Raid system. With Hopkins lined up across from him, Waddle would get favorable matchups and tons of fantasy points this year.

Kyle Pitts

Atlanta Falcons

Kyle Pitts is most likely going in the first eight picks, and pairing up with Matt Ryan, an elite QB, has to be the best-case scenario. Pitts would instantly become a go-to on this offense that most likely will need to air it out due to the fact they have no good running backs. Kyle Pitts does not really have a “bad” landing spot, but the Falcons could turn him into a 1,000-yard receiver his first year in the league. We saw what Matt Ryan did with Austin Hooper; now imagine if Austin Hooper was good.

Rashod Bateman

Tennessee Titans

The Titans lost Corey Davis, Jonnu Smith, and Adam Humphries. This means that Rashod Bateman would be stepping into an offense with 192 vacated targets. That is a ridiculous amount, and he would be the third option on the offense, which lifts some pressure off of his shoulder. Bateman is a great wide receiver, and with Tannehill slinging him the ball and AJ Brown taking the top CB off of his plate, he should be poised for an amazing season. This seems like a real possibility at 22 overall in the draft.