Fantasy Football Video and Podcast Top 10 List

If you’re fantasy football aficionado, you have an insatiable thirst for information. Information that throws around a bunch of hodgepodge predictions doesn’t quench your thirst. You want expert analysis that will help you gain an edge in your weekly fantasy football league or daily fantasy contests.

So, where does the eager fantasy football enthusiast go to satisfy that thirst for the knowledge of all-things-football? You can scour stat sheets, read projection charts and study box scores. There are thousands of well-intended articles written every week. But, that takes a lot of time and dedication.

An excellent resource and fun way to gain an edge is to absorb an expert’s take on all that data. You can get this advantage by watching fantasy football shows and podcasts. Since your time is valuable, we’ve picked what we think are 10 of the best fantasy football videos and podcasts.

DK Live – The Sweat

DraftKings developed the DK Live platform as a way for fantasy sports players from all sports to have easy access to expert analysis. The Sweat offers video presentations about general DFS knowledge, plus in depth shows about fantasy football.

You have DraftKings from Atlanta, the DFS Edge and the Pat Mayo Experience all in one spot. When you blend the leader in daily fantasy sports with a group of expert minds, you have one fantasy football video choice you should put high on your watch list.

NFL Fantasy Live –

The second choice you should ink on your schedule is Fantasy Football Live. As with the DK Live podcasts, Fantasy Live is broadcast by a source that comes with instant credibility. It streams through the website. You can’t get much closer to trusted information than the website dedicated to the league itself.

It’s hard to justify not watching a video show presented twice a week with its source of the actual league itself. You can stream Fantasy Live every day starting at 4:00pm, or watch the primary show on Sundays beginning at 11:30am eastern time.

The Late-Round Podcast

We put the video options that are part of DraftKings first, and then slotted the show presented by the official league website. Any video or podcast associated with FanDuel, the other big-boy of fantasy sports, must be high on our list. FanDuel doesn’t have an actual fantasy football podcast, but they do own the renowned sports analytics site NumberFire.

NumberFire is one of the highest rated websites for statistical analytics. JJ Zachariason employs the NumberFire analytical expertise on his Late-Round podcast. The insights shared on the Late-Round are based on systematically dissected football data.

Fantasy Show – Harris Football

As we mentioned earlier, you don’t need a video show or podcast to digest statistical data. Anyone can become adept at reading box scores. Christopher Harris mines and shares in depth fantasy perspectives by studying film.

Each podcast will rank and evaluate different positions, or different types of players. The Harris Fantasy Show gives you some tools to draft better, plus manage better throughout the season. The weekly game film analysis is also excellent for finding value for your DFS lineups.

The Fantasy Show – ESPN

To get a well-rounded source for your fantasy football news, you should obviously include the opinions from the worldwide leader in sports. ESPN has full Sunday video presentation, but you can also dig deeper into match up scenarios and roster advice.

Matthew Berry of fantasy football guru fame hosts the show. While there are more than a few moments of frivolity, the information and advice are insightful. Berry invites NFL experts on the show to discuss player trends, especially which players you should start and which ones you should not.

4for4 Fantasy Football

The lead icon image for this podcast states that it is the most accurate. John Paulsen and Anthony Stalter live up to that reputation. Paulsen has earned a top-five accuracy ranking six times over the last eight seasons.

This knowledgeable pair of fantasy gurus gobbles off big chunks of statistical data. They mix it with expert match up analysis to give you an advantage over all your competition. While they focus primarily on season-long leagues, the information you gain can be huge when applied to DFS lineups as well.

The Fantasy Guru

Reputations are built on consistency and longevity. The Fantasy Guru is one of the longest running fantasy football podcasts available. It was started way back in 1995 by fantasy genius John Hansen.

The Fantasy Guru employs a staff of dedicated fantasy football experts to dig deeper than just the surface knowledge everyone has access to. By using the same concept of studying film that real teams use, the Fantasy Guru targets strengths and weaknesses for every match up on the weekly schedule.

RotoViz Radio

RotoViz is a radio podcast that frequently looks for the angle less taken in fantasy football. They dedicate space to finding the home run sleepers that won’t nod out on you come game day. There is also a great deal of impetus placed on dynasty leagues.

RotoViz’s cutting edge research into getting value off the waiver wire is also an excellent tool for DFS play. They look at depth charts and how game trends may affect a players’ value. Building a lineup using the best value players can mean the difference between a good DFS lineup and a big cash winner.

RotoWire Fantasy Football Podcast

Another great source of fantasy football insight comes from another industry leader. RotoWire is an award-winning source of information for playing a variety of fantasy games. The fantasy football forecast concentrates on developing a consistent strategy.

One nice aspect of this podcast is the weekly segment dedicated to building DFS lineups. Even you only play season-long leagues, the weekly expert analysis can help you make those tough who to start decisions, or snag available players off waivers to steal a victory during bye weeks.

Walter Football Podcast

It took a couple years for Walter Football to get their podcast active, but it’s worth your consideration. Walter Football spends a lot of website space on projections and mock drafts. It’s an excellent place to study up ahead of season-long league drafts.

The podcast blends all their statistical analysis with weekly projections. A useful feature is the way they concentrate some podcasts, focusing the attention on specific players or positions. They explain why their power rankings for teams and players are what they are.

Fantasy football shows can be a lot of fun. However, if your time is limited, you want some value mixed in with your fun time. These 10 fantasy football video shows and podcasts give you both. They offer unique angles into all-things fantasy football.

Plus, they make sure to have fun doing it. Besides, fantasy football is supposed to be fun right? But, like the real deal, it’s a whole lot more fun when you’re winning. Input these expert shows into your fantasy football arsenal to help you do just that, win.